[ DROP 001 ]

For the runner. For the athlete. For the lifter. In the forest. In the arena. In the gym.

StayHealthyBrand has set out to create and improve fitness apparel for you. With our introductory [ENDURING] multi-functional shorts, we have combined functionality, quality, design and comfort for you to be able to get the most out of your workouts.


Multiple Unique Features

Keep your tee in the elastic tee/towel loop and your keys in the zipper pocket for secure storage without any distractions.



The Secure Phone Pocket

The inner Phone Pocket
keeps your phone secure and
out of the way while training. 

StayHealthyBrand SWEDEN

Our vision is to evolve into a global go-to brand for millions of people around the world who want total control of their look, style and feel throughout every stage of their lives. We have worked hard with a focus on quality, design, and comfort in the process of forming our introductory [ ENDURING ] multi-functional shorts. The company motto is to ease and improve workouts and everyday life for people all around the world. 

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