001. Light Gray
001. Light Gray
001. Light Gray
001. Light Gray
001. Light Gray

001. Light Gray

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Features you'll find nowhere else

The 001. [ENDURING] Cross-Functional Shorts carry several unique features that will dramatically ease and improve every workout session and your overall functionality.

  • Inside Phone Pocket - isolate and keep your phone secure & out of the way.
  • Elastic Shirt Loop - fasten your tee/towel, avoid the distraction of carrying it.
  • Zipper Pocket - protected storage for your belongings.
  • Reflective Details - for high visibility at night.
  • Mesh Air Vents - for increased breathability, keeping you cool in hot weather.
  • Constructed from Mesh - an extremely lightweight and breathable material. 
  • Dry-Fit Elements - sweat-wicking and dries quickly.

Designed for an active lifestyle

The 001. Cross-Functional Shorts [ENDURING] inner liner is constructed from elastane, a proprietary high-performance fabric that is soft and stretchy. Mesh air vents on both sides for increased breathability and dry-fit elements for optimal comfort and privacy protection. Ideal for any individual with an active lifestyle and made to improve every workout session, indoors as well as outdoors.

Whether you're a runner, lifter, jogger, baller, boxer, or any other type of athlete or fitness enthusiast - The 001. [ENDURING] Cross-Functional Shorts will benefit you!

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For the modern athlete

Secure Phone Pocket

The Inner Phone Pocket secures and isolates your phone. Fits all phone sizes being constructed from elastane that is a stretchy material. 

Shirt/towel loop & Zipper pockets

Fasten your towel or tee in the elastic shirt loop and avoid the distraction of carrying it. Store other belongings in one of the multiple zipper pockets for protected storage.